Sunday, May 16, 2010

I Heard Lord Christopher Monckton

I had the fascinating privilege of hearing Lord Christopher Monckton speak at Utah Valley University. He is the world's foremost authority and touring speaker debunking the conclusions of the global warming community. He is highly articulate, deeply understanding of complex scientific issues and downright humorous. Bev and I were privileged to also attend a dinner at the Provo City library where he spoke.

Did I tell you I had a talk with Governor Herbert?

At the end of the 2010 Utah legislative session I asked Governor Herbert's secretary for an appointment to meet with the Governor for 30 minutes with several of my close political associates from the Davis County 9/12 project and Utah Rising. We wanted to encourage him to sign SB 251 Verification of Employment Eligibility which has just passed in the legislature.

We had a pleasant and productive visit with Governor Herbert and he did sign the bill.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Grandpa Goes Punk Rocker

Halloween found Grandpa celebrating as a different character. Gracie wouldn't even give me a hug. I think Spencer was jealous of my tatts. Candee was afraid a ward member's boyfriend was coming to see the bishop for help or revenge. I think Josh was envious of the earring.

I must admit I have trouble seeing grandpa in that costume.

After a while I got the kids to have their picture taken with me.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Peter I and II Protest in D.C.

On September 12, 2009 the Washington, D.C. Subway was jammed.
Peter II protested with hundreds of thousands of like-minded citizens.
He found others with his 2nd amendment concern.
Peter I protested on the west lawn of the US Capitol against excessive government spending.
We were about 100 yards from the speakers podium.
Even the statues were covered with protesters.
Pennsylvania Ave. was crowded with a river of protesters for 4 hours all the way to the capitol building.
Peter II joined as they came from near the White House for 4 hours.
Peter I marched with the river of protesters.
Probably 15,000 protesters per hour marched to the Capitol.
We traveled to the protest by D.C. subway. It was incredibly crowded.
Watch this video clip to see what our protest area looked and sounded like.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Laura Graduates and Goes to Seek Her Fortune

Lots of family gathered for a photo after Laura's graduation.

Seven of Laura's 10 siblings gathered to celebrate her achievement.
Here the happy little family is happy for Laura's persistence.
Here's the happy young family at the airport on August 24, 2009 ready to strike out into the world.

Mom and Dad drop off Peter, Laura and Kaylee at the airport. We didn't even cry, because we know they'll do well in their great life adventure, and we hope to see them again soon.

Siblings United Aug 29, 2009

Finally, the children of Glen and Joyce Cannon found a time with their spouses to all get together for some fun. We went up to Jen and Ray Paul's cabin at Lava Hot Springs, Idaho for a Friday evening and Saturday get away. We soaked in the the hot springs, ate a great steak dinner, Ate a waffle breakfast, played golf and rode ATVs. There is no group I feel more comfortable with in the world. These are choice people.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Grandma and Grandpa Do Lagoon

Welcome to the Jumping Dragon!   This is where we spent 12 days in May 2009 working at the Lagoon amusement park in Farmington. What an awesome Grandma!

The first thing we did in the morning was check the ride, give it a test run without passengers, wipe the seats clean and sweep the walks and entrances of the ride.  Here Grandpa checks the checklist.

Of course we had to close and check all the lap bars before we could start the ride.  Doing this 80 times a day was a good workout for us.  The walking alone totaled about 1 1/2 miles while checking lap bars.

This is where Grandpa stood all day while he operated the Jumping Dragon.

Grandpa stood guard over the dragon while the riders got into their seats.  Or was the Dragon guarding Grandpa?

Do you believe Grandma really rode the Jumping Dragon?

This is what the riders saw as they approached the ride. The pagoda was impressive. We were very fortunate to be located in a wonderfully shaded area with gardens surrounding us where the miniature golf used to be.

Grandma at her post while the Jumping Dragon does his thing.

We think the Jumping Dragon liked us.  Here he gives us a kiss goodbye.

The artwork surrounding the ride was just astounding. There were two of these bronze Chinese guard dog statues at the entrance to the ride.

This time working at Lagoon has been challenging, but rewarding, fun but a little too much. We are tired and ready to do other things this summer.
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